What is the Workload Analyser?

The workload test was developed at the request of representative organisations of employers and employees in the insurance industry. The test is meant for employees, managers and health & safety coordinators of insurance companies. It aims to help employees and employers discuss workload pressure and, where necessary, take action to reduce the workload and improve job satisfaction.

Users-session about the Workload Analyser

There is a users-session available about the Workload Analyser (Werkdruktemeter). You can watch the replay if you click on this link. The information and the session is in dutch.

Watch thee session (in dutch)

How do I use the Workload Analyser?

Every insurance company can use this Workload Analyser free of charge. A contact person requests a license code online from the organization. That will be the coordinator of the company. With this license key the coordinator will be given access to the dashboard. He/she can then initiate two tests:

  1. Teamtest: The coordinator can create teams and invite the managers of these teams to use the Workload Analyser. In turn, managers invite their employees to fill in the Workload Analyser.
  2. Special test for managers: Via the dashboard, managers can take a special test for managers. After all, they play an important role in addressing unhealthy work pressure. In this test, the manager focuses on her/his role, her/his management style and what impact she/he has on the team.

Request licence code

A licence code can be requested by the coordinator of the insurance company

Request a licence code here

Do you have a licence code yet? Go directly to the dashboard here: